CopyrightI've been thinking a lot about copyright recently and have been troubled by the contradiction that copying from hardcopy books is usually illegal, yet unlimited copying and distributing of digital sheet music is often allowed and even encouraged.

Some publishers offer a slightly more expensive 'Studio Licence' version of the download, but it's the same 'small one-off cost, unlimited copying' idea.

With this in mind, I have recently made a change to the licensing terms which come with  OllysPianoSheets sheet music pdf downloads. So far, there has been a positive reaction from teachers from several countries, so maybe in time other publishers will follow this model, or something like it.

So now, all downloads from OllysPianoSheets come with a Personal Use licence only - which includes allowing public performance as long as there is a credit to the composer. This means that only the person who purchases the music can use it.

But what about piano teachers? As a composer I want to make it as easy and cost-effective as possible for teachers to use my music with their students. So I came up with the idea of offering membership to a Teachers' Club on a yearly subscription.

Piano Teachers' ClubFor £14.99 (about USD $19) a subscription to the OllysPianoSheets Teachers' Club gives teachers permission to reproduce and use purchased OllysPianoSheets pieces for as many of their students as they wish.

Then I had another idea... Why not also help piano teachers to cover the cost of the Teachers' Club AND increase their business income as well?

Make extra money with OllysPianoSheets.comAnd here's the interesting part... An up-to-date Teachers' Club subscription also grants the right for teachers to SELL an OllysPianoSheets sheet music PDF (one that they have purchased) to their students, preferably at the current recommended OllysPianoSheets website price.

So as a teacher who subscribes to the Teachers' Club, you could purchase a piece for £0.99 (Teachers' Club members get a 20% discount too!) and then sell it to, say, 10 of your students at £1.99 each (or your currency equivalent). That's has then covered the cost of your Teachers' Licence and the sheet music AND given you a profit!

As always, I'd be delighted to hear your thoughts on this change of licensing - please feel free to leave a comment below.