The Effects of Music on the Body and Mind

In these times of great uncertainty, turmoil and mental anxiety, I hope that this article will provide an anchor in the midst of the storm. In all cultures, across time, across mountains, rivers and plains, music has been a pillar of every society. This is a fascinating thought! Although music encompasses us all, it is [...]

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Can you Teach Yourself to Play the Piano?

Many people who are considering learning to play the piano often ask if they can teach themselves or do piano lessons with a teacher offer the best route? In this article, we look at the pros and cons of learning to play the piano by yourself and offer some suggestions for getting started.   Your [...]

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What Age Is Best to Start Piano Lessons?

If you’d like to learn how to play the piano, you may be wondering “What age is best to start piano lessons?” Although there are varying thoughts and opinions on this question, it is always possible to start learning, whether you’re young or old. That said, here are some important aspects to consider.   What [...]

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OllysPianoSheets Copyright Licensing

I've been thinking a lot about copyright recently and have been troubled by the contradiction that copying from hardcopy books is usually illegal, yet unlimited copying and distributing of digital sheet music is often allowed and even encouraged. Some publishers offer a slightly more expensive 'Studio Licence' version of the download, but it's the same [...]

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