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What is a personal use licence?
Personal Use LicenceWhen you purchase digital sheet music at OllysPianoSheets.com you get a lifetime licence for Personal Use only. Please do not reproduce the piano sheet music for anyone else.

Piano teachers can get more flexibility to use OllysPianoSheets.com music in their lessons (and receive extra goodies!) by subscribing to our Teachers' Club.

Can I use your piano music with my students?
copyIf you are a piano teacher and wish to use OllysPianoSheets sheet music with your students, please subscribe to the OllysPianoSheets.com Teachers' Club.

One of the benefits of subscribing to the Teachers' Club is a blanket studio licence, which gives you permission to reproduce and use your purchased OllysPianoSheets.com pieces with as many of your students as you wish (as long as your licence is current - please log in to check).

An added benefit of subscribing to our Teachers' Licence is that you are allowed to sell your purchased OllysPianoSheets.com pieces on to your students at the current recommended website price! Click here for more information about the Teachers' Licence and how it works.

Can I perform your music in public?
Performing in publicYes! If you would like to perform any of the music or backing tracks in public, for example at a music festival - no problem, please go right ahead as long as you credit Olly Wedgwood as the composer.

If you get a chance, it would be great to hear about your performance - do drop Olly a line or leave a comment on the sheet music's page.


shopping cartPurchasing Piano Sheets

Is there somewhere I can see a sample of the music?

Absolutely! First navigate to your chosen piano piece by clicking a title from the Shop. On the next page, there should be a picture of the music that you can click to open a preview sample.
How are your pieces GRADED for ability level?
Olly's piano sheets are graded using the UK's Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) levels, which are roughly equivalent to the Australian and Canadian exam grade levels:

Major Method Books
Beginner (Grade 1)
Alfred's Premier 4
Hal Leonard Book 4/5
Piano Adventures 3B
Piano Pronto Movements 3/4
Established Beginner (Grade 2)
Alfred's Premier 5
Piano Adventures 4
Piano Pronto Movements 5
Intermediate (Grade 3)
Alfred's Premier 6
Piano Adventures 5
Piano Pronto Movements Finale
Established Intermediate (Grade 4)
Advanced (Grade 5+)
How do I purchase your piano sheet music?
paypal_logoYou don't need to login to purchase sheet music at OllysPianoSheets.com. Simply browse the Shop and click on a piece which takes your fancy. That will take you to the dedicated page for that piece.

You will find an 'Add To Cart' button below the description of the sheet music. Clicking this will add that piece to your shopping cart.

You can continue shopping for more pieces, or click 'Check Out' to go to the Check Out page. If you have a discount code, you can enter that here. Then enter your details, click 'Purchase' and follow the PayPal instructions to purchase the PDF sheet music. You'll also have the option of creating an account where your download purchases will be kept.

Once your transaction is successful, you should receive an email in the next 10 minutes containing a download link. Simply click that link and your download will start! (Remember to check your spam folder just in case the email gets filtered by mistake...)

I've purchased some sheet music but haven't received an email?
Monthly My-Music-Room.com NewsletterSometimes OllysPianoSheets.com emails get filtered into your spam folder... Therefore, please remember to check and double check your spam folder just in case the email that we've sent you ends up there. It's also an excellent idea to add olly[at]ollyspianosheets[dot]com to your contacts list to avoid this happening.

If you still haven't received an email containing a link to download your sheet music purchase, then please contact me using the 'Contact Olly' page and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

What happens if I'm not happy with my purchase - can I get a refund?
Unfortunately due to the nature of digital product downloads I am generally unable to offer a refund unless the download is not as described on the product page. This is the norm for most digital product websites. However, if you are at all dissatisfied with your sheet music download, please get in touch.
When I purchase a duet, will I get both primo and secondo parts?
Absolutely! The download link you receive will be a PDF file which contains both the PRIMO and SECONDO parts for the duet.

Unless otherwise mentioned, duets are graded for the primo player, so in piano lessons the secondo is usually played by the teacher. On the other hand, more experienced students can always have a go at the secondo as well!


MP3 iconAudio Tracks

How do I download the MP3 tracks to my mobile device?
download-buttonHere are two ways to download and store OllysPianoSheets.com MP3 performance and playalong backing tracks to your iOS or Android device:

...for iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod):
File Manager Youtube video

Click to watch video

Visit the AppStore and download Downloader or File Manager (Tap Media Ltd). Instead of using Safari, use one of these apps to visit OllysPianoSheets.com and you will be able to download your favourite MP3 audio files and PDF sheet from your account.

When you purchase PDF sheet music, you can also use to open the email link and this will download the sheet music to your device.

...for Android

Android phones and tablets usually download MP3 files straight into your device's 'Music' app. If not, there are a number of download manager apps available on the Google Play store that can handle downloading MP3 files and PDFs from a website. Advanced Download Manager seems to work pretty well.

Please leave a comment below if you have a question or know of any better mobile download alternatives.

Are performance tracks on YouTube?
YouTube subscribeYes! As well as joining our monthly newsletter, you can also subscribe to OllysPianoSheets.com YouTube Channel to hear new piano sheet music as soon as it is published.



Which charities does OllysPianoSheets.com support?
Charitable causes10% of every purchase from OllysPianoSheets.com is donated to Médecins Sans Frontières‎ (msf.org.uk) or World Vision (www.worldvision.org.uk). So far we have raised £235 towards our £500 target! Thank you for your support.#FF0000 Raised £235 towards the £500 target.


pop-musicPopular Arrangements

Do you have arrangements of popular piano sheet music?
Piano Sheet Music for Free and PurchaseTo sell or distribute arrangements of copyrighted songs or popular music legally requires a licence from the original publisher. As a small independent composer and publisher, I cannot yet afford to do that... so that's the reason why you won't find piano arrangements of Lady Gaga, Queen... etc. on OllysPianoSheets.com.

However, some music is out of copyright (such as Silent Night) - so you'll find a few of those arrangements on the site.


Teachers' Club Membership Membership

How can I cancel my recurring Teachers' Club subscription?
It's easy to cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your PayPal account:

Login to PayPal > Click 'Profile' (top right of screen) > Profile and Settings > My Money > My pre-approved Payments (update)

Once cancelled, your Membership will remain active up to your renewal date.

Check out the benefits of the Teachers' Club here.


treeThank you for helping OllysPianoSheets to Grow

How can I help support OllysPianoSheets.com?
Please write a review about your favourite sheet music - no matter how short, every comment is gratefully received and helps me improve the site.

Alternatively, please click a 'Share' button to tell your friends about OllysPianoSheets.com - Thank you!


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