jazz improvisationListening to different styles of music will give you harmonic ideas. For example, you might sing your favourite song in the shower and maybe change it a bit... or you might get a little riff going round your head but you can't remember where it's from.

But how do you communicate these music ideas from your head to your musical instrument?

With some practice, you can develop a 'translation link', similar to learning a language, so that you can communicate your ideas to actual sounding notes.

I call this link 'Knowing the Framework of Jazz Improvisation' and here is the first in a set of e-Books to help develop your 'translation skills' by using the piano as a learning tool.

"But I play the saxophone - I don't need to know about playing notes on a piano"

As you'll find out in this 17 page e-Book, many great jazz musicians from Dizzy Gillespie (trumpet) to Charles Mingus (bass) use the piano as their harmonic reference when improvising. In doing this, they have also developed and strengthened a direct link with their respective instruments.

Hope you enjoy the first book of this e-Book series which also features interactive play-along exercises to get the most out of the learning points.

Please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions for improvements - or any questions about improvisation in general. You can contact me here, or leave a comment below!

(Watch this space - Part 2 is coming soon!)