Carousel – Ballad – Intermediate (Grade 4)

Carousel – Ballad – Intermediate (Grade 4)

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Carousel is a piano ballad in Bb major for established intermediate players at about the Grade 4 (ABRSM, AMEB or RCM) standard.

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Carousel is a dreamy and flowing piano solo in Bb major for intermediate players at about the Grade 4 standard (ABRSM, AMEB or RCM).

Imagine riding on a fairground carousel when you're playing this piece (the one with the horses going round in circles) and you'll get the idea. It can be played in a fairly rubato style, with tempo ebbing and flowing as you feel is right for you.

Carousel is in 12-8 time with a little excursion into 3-4 time during bars 8-9. This brief change of rhythm is called a 'hemiola' where 2 groups of 3 quaver beats are replaced with 3 groups of 2 quaver beats.

Just as in a merry-go-round, this piece moves around several chord patterns, first starting with a melody based upon a G chord, then modulating to Bb and then to Eb. The main theme then returns with a gradual decrease in tempo - or rallentando (abbreviated rall.) - to finish the ride.

The sustain pedal is used throughout this solo, so take care to keep the left hand quite light so as to help the right hand melody 'sing' (and also not to muddy the fairground).

This piano sheet music comes with a full performance recording to help you when you're first learning the piece. However, feel free to interpret Carousel using your own choice of tempo, expressions and articulations.

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