Cruisin’ The Blues – Soul R&B – Intermediate (Grade 3)

Cruisin’ The Blues – Soul R&B – Intermediate (Grade 3)

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Cruisin’ The Blues is a blues soul piano solo in G major for intermediate players at about the grade 3 (ABRSM) standard.

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Cruisin’ The Blues is a ‘straight ahead’ rock blues number in the key of G major, ideal for pianists at about the grade 3 ABRSM level.

With a foot-tapping 8-beat groove, this piece will be a hit with blues fans everywhere and features lots of cool chromatic variations on the usual blues changes.

In the ‘middle 8’ section, the right hand plays ‘crushed’ notes (acciaccaturas), which create an effect similar to guitarists ‘bending’ notes on their guitar.

Cruisin’ the Blues comes with a cool play-along backing track to enjoy, complete with drums, bass and hammond organ.

All aboard and enjoy the ride!

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Intermediate (Grade 3)


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Blues, Pop & Rock, Soul



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