Flamingo Rag – Ragtime – Beginner (Grade 0-1)

Flamingo Rag – Ragtime – Beginner (Grade 0-1)

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Flamingo Rag is a ragtime piano solo in F major for beginner players at the Grade 0-1 (ABRSM) standard.

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Flamingo Rag is a quirky ragtime piano solo in F major, ideal for beginner pianists who are working towards their Grade 1 (ABRSM).

Ragtime music has its roots in African American music from the late 1800s. It evolved from the jigs and march music played by African American bands, which were often referred to as "jig piano" or "piano thumping" (what a great name!).

The syncopated rhythms of ragtime were sometimes described as being 'ragged' and were an important influence in the development of the early jazz 'swing' style during the 1920s.

Flamingo Rag offers plenty of opportunity to work on articulation, phrasing and dynamics, and is played with straight quavers.

The piano sheet music comes with four audio tracks:

  • Full performance track (with backing band)
  • Solo piano performance track
  • Play-along backing track
  • Slow tempo practice backing track

Flamingo Rag is a fun and accessible introduction to the ragtime style - I hope you enjoy it!

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Beginner (Grade 0-1)


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2 reviews for Flamingo Rag – Ragtime – Beginner (Grade 0-1)

  1. Doris Kirke (verified owner)

  2. Vivien Jackson (verified owner)

    Fun to offer to beginners keen to play something longer and more interesting to listen to

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