Friday Night At The Movies – Swing – Beginner (Grade 0-1)

Friday Night At The Movies – Swing – Beginner (Grade 0-1)

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Friday Night At The Movies is a jazz swing piano solo in C major for beginner primo players at the Grade 0-1 (ABRSM) standard.

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Bring out the popcorn and enjoy Friday Night At The Movies, a laid-back jazz swing number for beginner pianists at the Grade 0-1 level (ABRSM).

This piece could be used as a fun introduction to swung quavers for newbie jazzers. To get in the swing, listen to the performance track, which comes with this sheet music and try saying the title out loud with the melody:

Fri_day night,   at_ the mo_vies

Notice that night is played staccato in both hands, which creates a fun little 'skip' between the third and fourth beats of the bar. The play-along backing track will also help with this articulation.

Friday Night At The Movies is in the key of C major. However, to accompany the melody, the left hand starts the piece on a rather unusual note - the furthest note away from C, which is F#! The bass line then descends, mostly in crotchet quarter notes and minim half notes.

The opening melody lies comfortably beneath the fingers in the same hand position. The middle section then features a more challenging repeated fingering pattern in the right hand against a simple left hand accompaniment.

Once you've got the hang of the rhythms and notes, there are also plenty of dynamics to enjoy throughout the piece.

Two MP3 play-along backing tracks also come with this piano sheet music, one at a slower-tempo for practice and the other at the marked tempo of 100 bpm.

Don't forget your 3D glasses!

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2 reviews for Friday Night At The Movies – Swing – Beginner (Grade 0-1)

  1. Ann (verified owner)

    Fun little piece for beginners, really good for getting students to spot patterns, and also good practice for extending finger 2 over the thumb. Students love the ending 😊

  2. Doris Kirke (verified owner)

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