Honey Bee Boogie – Boogie Woogie – Beginner (Grade 0)

Honey Bee Boogie – Boogie Woogie – Beginner (Grade 0)

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Honey Bee Boogie is a boogie woogie style piano solo in C major for beginner primo players at the Grade 0 (ABRSM) standard.

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Be the 'bee's knees' with Honey Bee Boogie, a boogie-woogie style piano solo in C major for beginner pianists at the Grade 0-1 standard.

The left hand of this piece features the classic boogie-woogie fifths and sixths bass pattern, played in crotchet quarter notes. This accompanies a simple yet catchy melody in the right hand.

The tempo is a steady 110bpm. Once you've got the hang of the notes, have a go at the dynamics and articulations, including staccatos in the left hand (keep the accompaniment nice and light - check out the mini-tutorial video below), and occasional accents in both hands.

As an extra little bit of fun in the final two bars, the left hand plays an acciaccatura 'F#' grace note. This should be played as quickly as possible before the staccato 'G' and can almost be played at the same time!

Honey Bee Boogie comes with a recording of the performance in MP3 format, plus two play-along backing tracks - one at the marked tempo and a slower practice version at 90bpm.

Enjoy the buzz!

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Beginner (Grade 0-1)


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4 reviews for Honey Bee Boogie – Boogie Woogie – Beginner (Grade 0)

  1. Jane (verified owner)

    Good piece for teaching 12-bar blues and ostinato.

  2. Doris Kirke (verified owner)

  3. Louise H. (verified owner)

    Have given this piece to a number of my pupils in the last couple of weeks – they are enjoying it immensely.

  4. Vivien Jackson (verified owner)

    Great easy music for beginners looking for interesting extra repertoire

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