Ice Cream Sundae – Jazz Swing Duet – Beginner Primo (Grade 1)

Ice Cream Sundae – Jazz Swing Duet – Beginner Primo (Grade 1)

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Ice Cream Sundae is a jazz waltz piano duet in C major for beginner primo players at about the grade 1 (ABRSM) standard.

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Here's a tasty treat for all those piano 'sweet tooth's out there. Ice Cream Sundae is a happy little jazz waltz duet in C major for established beginner pianists at about ABRSM Grade 1 standard (primo player).

The smooth swing tempo moves at a gentle crotchet / quarter note pulse of 110bpm.

Accompanied by the secondo's lilting bass line and gentle right hand chords, the primo presents the melody in similar motion octaves, played an octave higher than written (8va).

Fancy a chocolate sauce tempo topping? A hemiola features in bar 13 where two groups of three quarter note beats change into three groups of two beats! The effect is a brief change from a 3-beat feel to a 2-beat feel and then back into the waltz triple metre.

After a poco rit. - a tempo, the original melody returns fading away to pianissimo.

Ice Cream Sundae piano sheet music comes with both Primo and Secondo parts and there are also fun MP3 playalong backing and performance tracks, which come with the sheet music.

Bon appetit!

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