Lavender Fields – Ballad Piano Duet – Beginner Primo (Grade 1)

Lavender Fields – Ballad Piano Duet – Beginner Primo (Grade 1)

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Lavender Fields is a gentle piano duet in D minor for beginner primo players at about the Grade 1 (ABRSM, AMEB or RCM) standard.

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Swaying gently in the breeze, Lavender Fields is a reflective piano duet in D minor, ideal for primo players at about the Grade 1 standard (ABRSM, AMEB or RCM).

This piece is in the 6/8 time signature, which is known as compound duple time. This is because there are two beats in each bar (duple), with each beat subdivided into three quarter-note quaver beats (compound):

compound duple meter

The tempo moves at a steady 44 bpm (dotted crotchet pulse) but will still flow enjoyably at a slower pace. Imagine yourself strolling leisurely through fields of purple with the scent of lavender floating by...

During the first 8 bars, the primo presents the melody in the right hand. The piece then spreads its wings and rises in volume to the relative major, with the melody now switching to the primo's left hand. Although the dynamics are louder at this point, the primo's accompanying right hand should still allow the left hand's melody to sing through.

A poco rit. then leads us to a D.C. al Coda, and the piece ends with a thoughtful rallentando.

The piano sheet music for Lavender Fields comes with the following MP3 audio tracks:

  • Performance recording.
  • Play-along backing track for the primo player.
  • Play-along backing track for both players.
  • Slow tempo play-along backing for the primo player.


Additional information

Audio Downloads

Performance MP3, Playalong Backing, Slow Tempo Playalong Backing


Sustain pedal







Time Signature

Compound Duple (e.g. 6/8)


Beginner (Grade 1)


Sheet music


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