Octavia – Pop Style – Beginner (Grade 2)

Octavia – Pop Style – Beginner (Grade 2)

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Octavia is a pop style piano solo in C major for established beginner primo players at about the grade 2 (ABRSM) standard.

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Octavia is a pop solo in the key of C major and features octave jumps (eight notes of the scale) in both hands. This sheet music will suit established beginner pianists at about the Grade 2 (ABRSM) standard.

Although it sounds 'higher', an octave note sounds the same because its sound wave vibrates exactly twice as fast as the lower note.

Octavia is a gentle piece, but should be played with a bit of 'bounce' in it too. The opening theme and middle 'B' section is accompanied by a descending chord pattern in the left hand. Throughout the piece, take care that the melody is phrased smoothly as indicated by the slur lines.

This pop sheet music comes with a funky play-along backing track and also a slower tempo practice backing.


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Established Beginner (Grade 2)


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