On The Run – Pop Funk – Beginner (Grade 2)

On The Run – Pop Funk – Beginner (Grade 2)

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On The Run is a funky piano solo in E minor for established beginner players at about the Grade 2 (ABRSM) standard.

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Get into the groovy rhythms of On The Run, a funky piano solo in E minor for established beginner pianists at about the Grade 2-3 level (ABRSM).

The right hand opening melody is based upon a bluesy semiquaver motif accompanied by a left hand bass figure. Once you've got the basic idea of the opening sections, try introducing the staccato and legato articulations which will help to emphasise the funky rhythms.

The sustain pedal is used at the end of each 'head' section and for the ending. To begin with, you could try playing the Ab major arpeggio slowly in the right hand with the sustain pedal pressed down. Enjoy the 'ringing' effect that this pattern produces.

Bars 14-26 feature a repeated improvisation section with suggested notes that you could use. Here are some ideas which will help you to improvise with the play-along backing track:

  • First try clapping repeated rhythms - perhaps a different rhythm every two bars.
  • Then select only one or two notes on the piano from the written 'note banks' and play simple repeated rhythms and patterns. Remember that the rests are as important as the notes!
  • Don't be afraid to experiment - try different ideas! For example, you could play third chords rather than single notes, or try introducing other notes and see how they sound.
  • Try different rhythms in the left hand's accompanying chords. For example, short rhythmic 'stab' chords can be quite effective.
  • Listen carefully to the performance MP3 track improvisation to get some ideas.

This piano sheet music comes with three MP3 audio tracks:

  • Performance recording
  • Play-along backing track
  • Slow tempo practice backing track

On The Run is an exciting piece to play at a recital. Once you're confident enough and can play the piece through with the backing track, why not ask your piano teacher to encourage the audience to clap along for the final D.C. repeat!

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  1. Paul Janoski (verified owner)

    Thank you! Awesome music for contemporary pianist.

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