Read All About It! – Bluegrass – Beginner (Grade 1)

Read All About It! – Bluegrass – Beginner (Grade 1)

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Read All About It! is a bluegrass march in A minor for beginner players at about the grade 1 (ABRSM) standard.

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As the last newspaper in London's Fleet Street closes down their offices this month, here is a quirky piano piece to commemorate the former home of the UK's national papers.

Read All About It! is a fun and impish bluegrass march in A minor with influences of 1930s swing. It is suitable for beginners at about the grade 1 level (ABRSM).

The left hand provides a classic bluegrass tonic-dominant bass figure to accompany the right hand's catchy melody, which features both smooth and staccato phrasing.

Dynamics are an important part of this piece and will add to its 'cheeky' journalistic character. The middle section involves both hands in unison motion, with each phrase suggesting the end of a line typed on an old-fashioned typewriter (yes, these awesome mechanical machines are still being used in certain parts of the world!)

Read All About It! comes with its own mischievous MP3 backing track and a slower tempo practice version, both of which are great fun to play along with (they even feature typewriter sound effects!)

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