Silver Lining – Ballad – Beginner (Grade 2)

Silver Lining – Ballad – Beginner (Grade 2)

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Silver Lining is a waltz ballad in A minor for established beginner players at about the grade 2 (ABRSM) standard.

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Silver Lining is a dreamy piano waltz in A minor, which will suit beginner pianists at about the Grade 2 (ABRSM) standard. Although this piece is best played with sustain pedal, it will also work well without. For all those sustain pedal newbies, this piece could also be a good introduction.

To accompany the theme, a soft arpeggio ‘ostinato’ (a repeated pattern or phrase) sets the scene in the right hand, followed by a wistful and lyrical melody in the left hand. Silver Lining can be played generally quite freely in tempo with plenty of expression.

A play-along backing track accompanies this piece, featuring upright bass, percussion and guitar.

Every cloud has a… Silver Lining, so of course you'll find a happy little ‘tierce de Picardie’ (minor to major) surprise at the end!

"A lovely lovely piece. I know exactly who to try it out with next week!" Katherine


A fab performance by Sophia at her school summer concert - Thanks to Ada Kan for this video:


Thank you Rick Robertson for this lovely performance.

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Established Beginner (Grade 2)


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