Teachers’ Club Annual Membership

Teachers’ Club Annual Membership

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Offering Value and Flexibility for the Professional Piano Teacher

Want to use OllysPianoSheets.com pieces in your teaching? No problem! Either ask your student to purchase their own copy of the sheet music… or if you join the Teachers’ Club annual membership you’ll enjoy a digital copyright licence (aka ‘studio licence’), awesome discounts and more!



Set up your 1-year Teachers' Club membership by clicking one of the PayPal buttons below - choose either automatic renewal or manual. PayPal will convert to your local currency.

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We will donate 10% of your purchase to charity - thank you!


Blanket studio licence

Digital Copyright Licence for Teaching

The Teachers' Club gives you a blanket licence allowing you to copy, distribute and teach with any OllysPianoSheets.com digital downloads you have purchased, for as long as your subscription is current. This is sometimes known as a 'studio licence'. Please log in and visit your Account page to check this, or to print a certificate of the licence terms.


tick50% sheet music discount50% Sheet Music Discount

Subscribe to the Teachers' Club also save a massive 50% on all digital purchases at OllysPianoSheets.com for as long as your subscription is valid! Simply log in to activate your discount.


tick20% off all OllysPianoSheets books20% Book Discount

Teachers' Club members also save a cool 20% off any book at OllysPianoSheets.com. Simply log in to activate your discount.


tickLicence Certificate

Printable sheet music certificate of validity

The Teachers' Club licence certificate can also be printed out and presented at music festivals, exams and competitions as proof that the sheet music being played is legal and licensed for that use.


tickSupport Your Business

Make extra money with OllysPianoSheets.com

The Teachers' Club also grants you the right to sell your OllysPianoSheets.com PDF sheet music purchases on to your students. The quoted ollyspianosheets.com website price is recommended - but you can choose whatever price you wish.

You can then easily cover the cost of your yearly Teachers' Club subscription and supplement your business income. Alternatively, you could charge your students a flat yearly 'materials fee' to cover the costs of printing, Teachers' Club and sheet music downloads.

But my sheet music says that commercial copying is prohibited?
If you see this, you have purchased your sheet music before the Teachers' Club existed. The copyright notice at the bottom of your OllysPianoSheets.com music should read 'Copyright © Oliver J. Wedgwood. For personal, non-commercial use only, or as licensed by the OllysPianoSheets.com Teachers' Club' (the copyright year may be different). If not, please email me and I will send you an updated version of your sheet music.


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The OllysPianoSheets.com Teachers' Club brings you copyright peace of mind, value for money and flexibility to use and enjoy the OllysPianoSheets.com library in your teaching.

Set up your 1-year Teachers' Club subscription by clicking the PayPal button below (PayPal will convert to your local currency).

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Automatic renewal each year

Manual renewal each year

We will donate 10% of your purchase to charity - thank you!

Thank you for respecting composer copyright and also for supporting my writing - I look forward to welcoming you to the club!

(For more details about the Teachers' Club please see the Terms and Conditions, or ask a question.)


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4 reviews for Teachers’ Club Annual Membership

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Olly’s Teacher’s Club in an AMAZING resource for teachers!!! Studio licenses are the way to go, in this digital age. The value for these pieces is incredible! All that being the said, the best part of the annual membership is the music! Everything Olly writes is beautiful and FUN to play!! I love playing them myself!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    The Teacher’s Club is an excellent resource, and extremely good value for money. You have the flexibility to download at the touch of a button, at super discounted prices, and the studio licence means you can resell the pieces to students, as and when you want to. Olly’s pieces are my ‘go to’ for a bit of inspiration and they are always extremely popular with students. There are an impressive array of styles, with new pieces added regularly, and the duets are great fun. Highly recommended all round 😊

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    I’ve just renewed my membership to the Teachers’ Club. It is such a good resource and excellent value for money. I had a very lovely comment from a parent recently about how great the pieces are. She has 3 boys learning the piano with me and we have tried several genres (to limited success). Olly’s are a great hit – they are playing them lots at home and are really enjoying them. All of my students learn a mixture of Olly’s pieces with tutor pieces, exam pieces etc. They really add some fun into the lessons. Even my grade 8 pupils use the pieces for sight reading (much more interesting than the usual pieces). Thoroughly recommended.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    I have been using a few of the easy/easier level pieces for some of my pupils. Honey Bee Boogie and Hey Presto! have gone down well recently. Starting Out has been a hit with some of my adults.These pieces are great because they cover a broad range of jazzy repertoire as a contrast to whatever other repertoire the students may be learning. I highly recommend them.

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