The Joust – Rock – Beginner (Grade 0-1)

The Joust – Rock – Beginner (Grade 0-1)

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The Joust is a rock style piano solo in A minor for beginner players at the Grade 0-1 (ABRSM, AMEB or RCM) standard.

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Let the tournament begin! The Joust is a rock style piano solo in A minor for beginner knights who are working towards their Grade 1 (ABRSM, AMEB or RCM).

The word 'jousting' comes from Old French 'joster', derived from the Latin "to approach" or "to meet". The term became popular in Middle English around 1300 when jousting was a very popular sport among the Anglo-Norman knighthood.

In this piano sheet music, a staccato left hand bass line provides the rhythmic pulse at a steady 110 bpm with occasional eighth note quavers. This accompanies the right hand melody, which features a similar rhythmic pattern throughout the piece. The short and slurred phrases in both hands tend to end with a staccato note and this adds to the bold, rhythmic feel of the piece.

Once you can play the music all the way through slowly, try playing each hand separately with the slow tempo practice backing. Then, when you can play each hand through with the track without any mistakes, try both hands together.

The Joust PDF piano music comes with three audio tracks in MP3 format:

  • Performance
  • Slow tempo practice backing
  • Play-along backing

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Audio Downloads

Performance MP3, Playalong Backing, Slow Tempo Playalong Backing




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Beginner (Grade 0-1)


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2 reviews for The Joust – Rock – Beginner (Grade 0-1)

  1. Nancy Allen (verified owner)

  2. Elizabeth Harri (verified owner)

    Lovely, easy piece for learner.

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