Tree Tops – Bossa Nova – Beginner (Grade 0)

Tree Tops – Bossa Nova – Beginner (Grade 0)

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Tree Tops is a gently swaying bossa nova solo in C major, ideal for beginners who are pre-Grade 1 (ABRSM).

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Tree Tops is a gentle bossa nova style piano solo in the key of C major, ideal for beginners who are working towards the Grade 1 (ABRSM) level.

The theme for this piece is based on the four consecutive notes of the C major seventh arpeggio: C - E - G - B.  These notes form the C major seventh chord (notated CM7 or CΔ), which is a very common chord used in jazz, Latin and pop styles.

There is only one accidental in this piece, which is the Eb in bar 14 of the left hand. This is one of the 'blue notes' of the C blues scale:  C  Eb  F  F#(or Gb)  G  Bb  C  and gives the piece a little blues feel to end the piece.

Once the notes are secure, try working on the phrasings, dynamics and articulations. There is also an opportunity to introduce the sustain pedal right at the last couple of bars - although this is optional.

Tree Tops also comes with cute play-along backing tracks (one at the marked tempo and the other at a slower tempo for practising). Playing along with these backing tracks will really help you to enjoy the rhythmic feel of the bossa nova style, and it's also great aural training practice to get those ears working!


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