Turn The Tables – Latin Tango – Beginner (Grade 2)

Turn The Tables – Latin Tango – Beginner (Grade 2)

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Turn The Tables is a Latin tango in A minor for established beginner players at about the Grade 2 (ABRSM) standard.

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In the mood for a tango? Turn the Tables is a lyrical Grade 2 (ABRSM) standard piano piece in the classic tango genre.

With a crisp left hand stacatto accompaniment and a cantabile (in a singing style) right hand melody in A minor, perhaps you can picture the scene... an Argentinian cafe... a band... the dancers...

Keep a close eye on the dynamics as the theme rises to a crescendo and then fades to the end of the piece. The melody also features lilting triplets as a contrast to the steady staccato left hand rhythm.

Turn the Tables comes with its own authentic play-along MP3 backing track, as well as a slower tempo practice backing track.

Have fun tango-ing round the tables!

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Established Beginner (Grade 2)


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