Do you want to learn how to improvise in jazz and other styles? Enjoy Olly's interactive videos on first steps in improvisation for beginners.

1. Improvising confidently

In this first video of the series, Olly explains why it is so important to be confident when improvising and how this can positively affect both the player and the audience.  Visit this page to download the backing track used in this video.

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2. 'Wrong' notes are 'right' notes waiting to happen

In part 2, Olly explains how 'wrong' sounding notes can easily be made into 'right' notes using a fun exercise you can try for yourself. You'll find the backing track download here.

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3. Knowing WHAT to play in your improvisations

There are two main aspects to improvising: Knowing WHAT to play (musical ideas) and knowing HOW to play those ideas on your chosen instrument.

In this video Olly focusses on the first of these two aspects and explains how listening to different types of music is essential for building up a 'store' of musical ideas that you can then use in your improvisations.


4. Using a Framework to play your ideas

So you've been listening to lots of music, singing in the shower, drumming on table and waking up with a loop of your favourite track still going round your head... So how do you PLAY those ideas on your instrument?

Just like we use language to communicate our written or spoken ideas, in music we need a FRAMEWORK for improvisation.

In the following two videos featuring 10 practical exercises, you'll learn a simple music framework that will enable you to play a surprising number of well-known songs 'by ear'.