Arpeggio Flo – Classical – Beginner (Grade 2)

Arpeggio Flo – Classical – Beginner (Grade 2)

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Arpeggio Flo is a flowing classical piano ballad in the key of Eb major for established beginner pianists at about the Grade 2 (ABRSM) standard.

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Arpeggio Flo is a gentle classical piano piece for pianists at the Grade 2 standard, featuring moving broken chords in both the right and left hands.

This piano sheet music is in 6/8 time and should have a fairly slow 2-in-a-bar feel (two groups of three quavers in each bar). Have a listen to the performance track whilst looking at the sheet music and that should make sense.

It can also be useful to listen to which hand has the melody line - for example, in bar 5 the left hand takes over, so keep the right hand accompaniment at a lower volume than the left hand at this point.

You'll also spot a few slightly weird 'small notes' (for example in bar 4 and bar 9). These are called appoggiaturas and are musical ornaments that embellish the melody. The appoggiaturas are played quickly just before the note they belong to. It's probably a good idea to leave them out when you are first learning the piece - keep things simple to start with!

Also watch out for the 'poco rit' markings - where the tempo just reduces slightly, and then returns at the 'a tempo' markings. Again - it's a good plan to leave these out when you're just beginning to play this piece.

Enjoy the flow of this piece!

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Established Beginner (Grade 2)


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Compound Duple (e.g. 6/8)

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