Inventino – Baroque – Beginner (Grade 1)

Inventino – Baroque – Beginner (Grade 1)

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Inventino is a Baroque piano solo in D major for beginner players at about the grade 1 (ABRSM) standard.

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I was inspired to write this piece by Bach's 30 Inventions and Sinfonias which were originally composed as exercises for his students!

Inventino is a short, gentle piano piece in the Baroque style for Grade 1 students. It is written in the key of D major and features a melodic phrase that is echoed in the left hand - a 'contrapuntal' effect that is common to a lot of Baroque music where two or more melodic lines are combined.

This piano sheet music comes in two variations. Check out the slightly more challenging version called Inventino II for the more experienced beginner.

Once you have learnt the notes and can play the piece at the marked tempo (Andante - at a walking pace), then try developing a more flowing style that works with the dynamics. This means that Inventino can rise and fall in both dynamics and (less so) in tempo. Have a listen to the performance clip below and see if you can notice a few 'stylistic elements' - try experimenting with your own Baroque style!

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