Montuno Man – Latin- Intermediate (Grade 4)

Montuno Man – Latin- Intermediate (Grade 4)

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Montuno Man is a Latin piano solo in G minor for established intermediate players at about the grade 4 (ABRSM) standard.

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In Cuban music, a montuno is a syncopated phrase that can be played by a pianist against an overlapping 'tumbao' bass line.

Montuno Man is a rhythmic Latin piano solo in G minor, ideal for intermediate pianists at about the Grade 4 (ABRSM) level.

The introduction to this piece sets the scene with the tumbao in the left hand and the montuno in the right. Bringing these two rhythms together can be quite tricky at first so do check out the tutorial video below, which will help you. It's a great idea to listen to the performance track (which comes with the sheet music) a few times to get the idea of the rhythms. Then practice each hand separately and slowly before trying them both together!

After the opening melody, the piece modulates to G major for a grandioso middle section, again accompanied by the left hand's dotted rhythm tumbao.

Once you get the groove, you'll feel the infectious Latin rhythm without having to think. This sheet music also comes with a toe-tapping play-along backing track to enjoy, as well as a slower tempo version for practising.

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Established Intermediate (Grade 4)


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  1. Louisa Löffler (verified owner)

    Very interesting rythm, feels like being in Cuba!

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