Lift Off! – Pop Duet – Intermediate Primo (Grade 4)

Lift Off! – Pop Duet – Intermediate Primo (Grade 4)

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Lift Off! is a pop style piano duet in D major for established intermediate primo players at about the grade 4 (ABRSM) standard.

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Enjoy a piano boost with Lift Off! - a duet for established intermediate primo players at about the Grade 4 (ABRSM) standard.

This fun piano duet is full of energy, featuring a syncopated tied quaver / semi-quaver motif in the primo part. Take special care of the staccatos and accents as this will help you to keep the piece light and rhythmic.

Lift Off! starts off in the key of D major and then (as the title suggests) moves up to the key of Eb major. The primo player plays an octave higher than written, starting first with unison octaves for the opening melody and then moving to sixths and thirds for the middle section theme.

As is so often the case when playing any music, the rests in this piece are as important as the notes. Keep the rhythms crisp and light so the rests become easy to hear. Lift Off! should also give you a good workout in counting, especially in the dotted rhythms department!

If you don't have a secondo player, check out the play-along backing track which comes with this sheet music. Need to practice with the secondo part, but at a slower tempo? There's also a slow tempo practice backing track for Primo players, which is a great way to build confidence and work up to the faster marked tempo.

I hope you enjoy Lift Off! and that you have as much fun playing it as I did writing it. If you have a moment, please leave a review - thanks!

Great job Thomas and Barnabas! Here they are playing Lift Off at the Baer Piano Studio end of year recital - Thanks to Yvette Baer for this video.

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Established Intermediate (Grade 4)


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