The Big Easy – New Orleans Swing – Intermediate (Grade 3)

The Big Easy – New Orleans Swing – Intermediate (Grade 3)

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The Big Easy is a New Orleans jazz blues in D minor for intermediate players at about the Grade 3 (ABRSM) standard.

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The Big Easy brings the unmistakable sound and rhythm of New Orleans to your piano! This groovy blues piano solo is in D minor and will be perfect for adventurous intermediate players at about the Grade 3 standard (ABRSM).

In the early 1900s Buddy Bolden is credited with introducing the rhythmic feel found in this piece, known as the 'Big Four'. This is when the 4th beat is emphasised, creating an irresistible lilting swing between bars.

The Big Easy is written in cut-common time so the quarter note tempo is quite fast. You'll find plenty of swung syncopation to enjoy in this piece, especially in the left hand ostinato, which mirrors the bass line of the backing track (brilliant fun to play along with!). Keeping the staccato markings crisp and short will lift the swing feel of this piece.

A written improvisation section follows the opening melody, featuring blues notes and catchy cross-rhythms between each hand.

Have fun in The Big Easy!

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Intermediate (Grade 3)


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2 reviews for The Big Easy – New Orleans Swing – Intermediate (Grade 3)

  1. Louisa Löffler (verified owner)

    I loved the New Orleans Swing rythm. Great to play with the background mp3.

  2. Hilary Gordon (verified owner)

    Quite tricky in places, but worth it

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