The Butterfly House – Ballad – Intermediate (Grade 4)

The Butterfly House – Ballad – Intermediate (Grade 4)


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The Butterfly House is a piano ballad in D major for established intermediate  players at about the grade 4 (ABRSM) standard.

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The Butterfly House is an intermediate level piano piece in D major for players at about grade 4 (ABRSM) standard.

Inspired by the butterfly house which used to be at Syon Park in London, this piano piece flutters along at a fairly slow 6/8 tempo featuring little half-trill ornaments called 'mordents' and semi-quaver movements.

After a quiet beginning, the middle section modulates into B major, developing into a grander theme before settling back down again with the original melody.

Try to keep The Butterfly House light and fluttering with plenty of expression!

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Established Intermediate (Grade 4)


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Compound Duple (e.g. 6/8)

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  1. Carey Annesley (verified owner)

    Pretty piece which is great study using compound time. The pupil who is currently learning this loves it and has been working hard!

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