Monkey Puzzle – Reggae Duet – Beginner Primo (Grade 2)

Monkey Puzzle – Reggae Duet – Beginner Primo (Grade 2)

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Monkey Puzzle is a reggae piano duet in C major for established beginner primo players at about the grade 2 (ABRSM) standard.

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More fun than a barrel of monkeys! Introducing Monkey Puzzle, a cheeky piano duet for four hands in a fun reggae style, ideal for established beginner primo pianists at about the grade 2 level (ABRSM).

The tempo of this piece is 146 bpm with eighth note quavers played in a relaxed triplet swing style.

The secondo player provides the classic reggae bass figure and off-beat chords to accompany the mischievous theme played in the primo part. This melody moves mainly in 3rds and 6ths and lies comfortably under the fingers.

In the 'middle 8' section, the primo and secondo parts enjoy a playful monkey 'conversation' made up of call-and-response phrases, ending in a unison announcement in both parts as if to say, "I'll be a mon-key's... un-cle!" (or something like that!)

As always, be sure to keep the staccato articulations light and crisp as this will help with jazzy swing feel. There are also plenty of dynamics to bring even more colour to the piece.

Monkey Puzzle comes with downloadable audio tracks, including performance, play-along backing and slow tempo practice tracks.

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Established Beginner (Grade 2)


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Performance MP3, Playalong Backing, Slow Tempo Playalong Backing







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