New Shoes Blues – Blues Swing – Intermediate (Grade 3)

New Shoes Blues – Blues Swing – Intermediate (Grade 3)


New Shoes Blues is a jazz blues piano solo in A minor for intermediate players at about the grade 3 (ABRSM) standard.

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Here's a 'Cool Jazz' blues which will get you in the groove!

New Shoes Blues has a simple but catchy melody with 'jazz' left hand chord voicings. It features a 'solo' section for improvisation and is especially fun to play with the jazz drums and upright bass backing track. This cool blues piano sheet music will suit pianists of Grade 3 (ABRSM) standard and higher.

New to jazz improvising? Don't panic! Firstly check out my e-book A Brief Intro to Impro to get you started. Then just go for it - have fun and try different ideas - but keep it simple! There are some 'cluster note banks' written in the improvisation section, which will help you to choose notes to fit the chords.

Remember that rhythm is often more important than the choice of notes when improvising a solo. Try using only a few notes and concentrate more on making up a catchy rhythm in a phrase which you can repeat.

As well as a play-along backing track, New Shoes Blues comes with a practice backing track which is at a much slower tempo to help you get the hang of the piece before moving up to the faster tempo backing track.

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Intermediate (Grade 3)


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  1. Louisa Löffler (verified owner)

    I bought this piece because like all women, I am convinced that I always need new shoes… I can dance on this music with my newest shoes! Very nice the possibility of experimenting with some solos.

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