Shopping Trolley Shuffle – Jazz Swing – Intermediate (Grade 4)

Shopping Trolley Shuffle – Jazz Swing – Intermediate (Grade 4)

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Shopping Trolley Shuffle is a fast jazz swing piano solo in D major for established intermediate players at about the grade 4 (ABRSM) standard.

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It's time for the weekly dash around the supermarket! Shopping Trolley Shuffle is a swinging jazz bebop number which scoots round the isles at a nippy 168 bpm. This piece is in the key of D major and will suit intermediate pianists at the Grade 4 (ABRSM) standard.

The eighth note quavers are swung and watch out for the 'crush' grace notes (trolley collisions!).

The middle section features two variations - or improvisations - on the main theme and there is even a staff announcement moment to enjoy for the D.C. al Coda.

To learn more about how to swing and improvise jazz, check out the free e-book A Brief Intro to Impro.

Have fun with this jazzy piano number as you dodge around the grocery store - but will you make it to the check-out?

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  1. Louisa Löffler (verified owner)

    When I play this, I imagine myself swinging through a supermarket!

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