Flip Flop – Blues Swing – Intermediate (Grade 3)

Flip Flop – Blues Swing – Intermediate (Grade 3)

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Flip Flop is a jazz blues piano solo in G major for intermediate players at about the grade 3 (ABRSM) standard.

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Flip Flop is a swinging blues number in G major for pianists at about the Grade 3 (ABRSM) standard.

You'll probably get the most fun out of this piece by playing along with the cool accompanying bass and drums backing track. To start with, you might want to check out the slow tempo practice track so that you can work up to the faster tempo.

This piano sheet music features a 48 bar improvisation section (four repeats of a 12 bar blues). Top improvisation tip of the day - keep it simple! Using rhythm is usually more important than the notes you 'choose'. However, you'll find a note 'bank' in each bar to help figure out which notes will fit each chord.

Remember that a lot can be learnt from just trying out 'stuff' when learning how to improvise - you'll often learn much quicker when you make more mistakes! If you would like to know more about learning how to improvise, check out these videos about taking some first steps in improvisation.

I hope you enjoy Flip Flop! It would be great to hear how you get on :).

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  1. Louisa Löffler (verified owner)

    Nice, bright swing piece. Not to complicated. Great the suggestions for improvising!

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